Reflecting on priorities of family & work

About My Blog

[IMHO] I’m an amazing father, good husband, and solid employee – I’ve come to prioritize my life in that order. My self-assessment is probably more about the effort I put in as opposed to actual results and I do believe there is a correlation. Fortunately, I love all three aspects – being with my kids, married to my wife, and working at a mission-driven organization.

If you ask my kids, my wife, and my boss, their opinions of my self-assessment might differ slightly in one direction or the other (and undoubtedly changes daily). Being amazing at all three aspects of my life is unattainable – requiring energy very few people have and time in a day that does not exist.

In different parts of my life and especially now I have struggled with balancing these three pieces of the pie. This blog is my journey and struggle of prioritization and de-prioritization as a dad, husband, and employee. I call it “Dad Working” as an homage to the much more common and probably even more important moniker “Working Mom”; however placing the “Dad” first to further emphasize my main focus. There are tons of blogs about the challenges of working moms and I recognize the reality in their struggles, too. I’m hoping to fill the gap for those fathers who also strive and struggle with the expectations of home and work while presenting a new view of what it means to be one of two working parents.

2 comments on “About My Blog

  1. Beth Rabbitt (@BethRabbitt)
    February 16, 2015

    Just wanted to let you know I think this blog is rad. Enjoying reading it, thanks for sharing!


  2. DadWorking
    February 18, 2015

    Thanks so much, Beth. I’d appreciate it if you share widely – or just continue to enjoy!!


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